Lore of the Palm Wine Tapper

When subjects that upheld the heritage of my forefathers were considered for visual preservation, only one picture came up: “The Palm wine Tapper”. The poem of Tony Adah captures it all…Please enjoy

I Will Follow The Palmwine Tapper – Poem by Tony Adah

When the rythm
Of the rooster echoes at noon
And the palm wine tapper
Is on his way to the tall palms
Call me to wet my whetted appetite
With the liquor that
My folks have refused to relish.

I will follow him
Help hold the brown gourd
That will take the liquid home
And drive the folklore
Oozing from my grandma’s mouth
All the animals in the tale
I will cut their tails
And refuse them a drink
Eventhough they will
Make me laugh.

Title: Palm wine tapper
Medium: Metal
Height: 3ft

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