Victims of War (V.O.W) (Part 1)

Every living human is guided by the decisions they make. It is nothing to debate that every human decision is controlled by the individual’s measure of greed. Unverified reports say that a human makes an average of five thousand decisions a day, ranging from getting out of bed, brushing the teeth, exercising, eating breakfast, picking a call, going to school or market, responding to an abuse, being quiet, vying for a political post, drinking alcohol, raping the defenseless girl, joining the army, or even fighting a war–only to mention a few. Doesn’t it look quite true or much more, even when one thinks about making a choice of words to speak per time?

But at the end of each and every decision, someone is at the receiving end. For example, choosing not to brush my teeth puts at risk of displeasure, someone I might hold a conversation with. So also is stealing the innocence of the weak, even fighting a war. The ultimate consequence of our decisions does little to affect us compared to the massive effect on populace, progeny or posterity.

The men with an untamed passion for superiority, wanton lust for cheap satisfaction and an unteachable temperament in the bid to keep in possession, power (that doesn’t even belong to them in the first place) in order to massage their ego thoughtlessly lock horns to the detriment and destruction of “weaker vessels” in their women and children. Women are seized as toys of pleasure, with only a fraction surviving by the mercies of fate and destiny while the glory of posterity is snuffed out in the children that are left. The sun of the future sets at midday only to leave the innocence of the truly innocent at the mercy of their own greed and cruelty.

The haven is destroyed and the hope is faint. Sadly true.

Title: Victims of War (V.O.W) (Part 1)         Size: 42″ X 38″           Medium: Charcoal on paper

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