Graceful and lovely, if you are blessed with a girl-child, this is for you. If you ever desired and never had them, this is for you. If you’re indifferent and you had a couple of them, check this out. They are indeed, graceful and lovely.

They got each other’s backs. They have the craziest gist. They make their parents’ heads spin. They stun their colleagues with a clique they make with their sisters. They wanna do all the chores together. They wanna rebel in unison. They butcher the character of that boy and take responsibility for it in their closet. They hype the other guy that flexes his muscles impressively. They love one another unconditionally. They care about the minutest detail. They assess the guy from how kempt and glowy his hair is throught the crisp of his shirt to how dark or dusty his sandals are, with dates and times. They are very selective when time comes to choose what man to open their legs for. Puberty and adolescence -these are the busiest periods of the girl-child’s life.

A thought about all this gave impetus to this work.

Title: Sisters’ Keeper         Medium: Charcoal on Paper      Size: 16″ X 20″      Year: 2014

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