Graceful and lovely, if you are blessed with a girl-child, this is for you. If you ever desired and never had them, this is for you. If you’re indifferent and you had a couple of them, check this out. They are indeed, graceful and lovely. They got each other’s backs. They have the craziest gist. … More

The Wet Nurse

This piece was rendered some few weeks after an encounter with a woman doing something similar to this. She isn’t the mother of the baby she is feeding–she was only paid to do the job by the biological mother who cares more about preventing her breasts sagging than the welfare of the baby. One may wonder if … More The Wet Nurse

Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, Reconstruction…where do we start from?

  Just speaking my mind. Done in May, 2015, “Triple-R” is a call to my compatriots for us to find a new beginning. But can we really trust this Fulani guy with our lives, our resources, our families and our country at large? We are ruined, no doubt, but where do we begin from? We are … More Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, Reconstruction…where do we start from?


Until we could say “No more!”, all we knew to do was to marvel at the sight of a strange skin colour and followed the bait of  strange dish, articles foreknown not to us and a tongue hostile to our vocabulary. They bought the souls of some miscreants and poisoned them against their own flesh and … More Pre-1960