Between The Rock And A Hard Place

…In fact, he hated her more than he had loved her. 2 Sam 13:15(NIV)

That was one of the most profound rape cases history ever documented. Many have gone unnoticed. Even this particular case was no prosecuted–or maybe with weak hands. Not all innocence, though, not all her fault. Somehow careless, somewhat to not be blamed. Caught in the dichotomy of hell and high waters, of the Rock and the hard place. No one rapes out of love–it’s rather out of obsessive lust. The disgust after the act usually far outweighs the appeal that led to it.

He carried it out definitely by physical force, maybe coercion, and this is no less than an abuse of trust and authority against a person who seemed to have trusted him so much and is incapable of giving valid consent. Who even knows if she is unconscious, incapacitated, or has an intellectual disability. What if she is below the legal to consent to fornication?

The girl in this picture is being raped. She has been dealt a lifetime blow of mental trauma. It doesn’t end there. She’s been sentenced for life to the prison of fear and she’s not able to open up to anyone else on this matter for fear of segregation and the stigma of shame. She’s being robbed of whatever is left in her that could trust anyone. It’s going to drive her mad. Her new home is going to be an island of hatred. 

Often, she has sexual dysfunction, unsafe abortion, severe pains, reproductive disorders, pregnancy complications, etc. To appeal to men of honour to protect ladies, girls and young women from blockheads who perpetrate this evil is to protect that girl, that friend, that colleague, that neighbour with as much dignity and security as you would, yourself, your wife, your daughter, your sister, and or mother. Report cases early enough no matter who it is, prosecute offenders, involve a psychologist, and pray.

A pain in my heart for victims of rape prompted this work. Leave your comments and help an injured party today.

Title: RAPE           Size: 2ft X 3ft         Medium: Charcoal on Paper             Date: 2015

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